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Henry’s Feed Blends

Since the launch over ten years ago, our Henry’s Blends have proved very popular mainly due to the fact that they are made from home-grown natural ingredients, including Rolled Barley, Ground Wheat, Peas, Beans (grown on the farm in the Cotswolds) and Sugar Beet Pellets and are available in 500 kg tote bags.

No minerals/vitamins are added to the blends. Therefore the ruminant blends can be fed to cattle or sheep. The Pig blend also contains no added minerals/vitamins. A fully balanced mineral is available to mix into the Blends to suit individual feeding requirements.

Henrys Feed Blends are available in 500kg tote bags which have a tied top for added security and 4 loops
 for unloading. A fork lift truck or suitable machine needs to be available to unload the totes

Ruminant Blends

1. Henry’s Cattle & Sheep Blend (Barley/Beet/Peas/Beans)

Protein 14%  Oil 2%       Fibre 7.2%

A blend of Barley, Sugar Beet, Peas and Beans which is a complementary feeding stuff for ruminants.

This blend can be used in a large number of cattle feeding systems ranging from Suckler Cows, Calf Rearing to Semi Intensive and even Intensive finishing systems.

This blend can also be used in a large number of sheep feeding systems ranging from pre tupping, pre & post lambing (although the Pedigree Sheep Blend is recommended), and Semi Intensive lamb finishing systems.

2. Henry’s Pedigree Sheep Blend

Protein 18% Oil 2.6%       Fibre 6.8%

As a result of feedback from our sheep customers looking for a higher protein blend to feed their pedigree stock we have produced this blend. The list of ingredients include: Barley, Oats, Sugar Beet, Peas, Beans, Soya Bean Meal and Molasses.

The Pedigree Sheep Blend can be used in a large number of sheep feeding systems and is particularly suited to pre & post lambing, and getting stock ready for the show season.

Pig Blends

1. Henry’s Pig Blend (Wheat/Peas/Beans).
Protein 17%  Oil 2%       Fibre 5%

A blend of Wheat, Peas and Beans which is a complementary feeding stuff for breeding pigs.

This blend can be used in a number of pig feeding systems including breeding and rearing situations.

See the Henrys Pig Feeds section for feeding recommendations.

Specialist Blends

We can and do produce a number of specialised blends to suit the individual requirements of our customers. Currently this includes the following:

A cereal free blend (Sugar Beet, Peas and Beans) which is high in protein an ideal for those farmers looking to use their own cereals. We also produce a number of blends using varying quantities of soya again to suit individual farmer’s requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.