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Horse Feeds, Supplements and Bedding

We stock a comprehensive range of horse feed and bedding including the following main manufacturers’ ranges.

(Please click the logo next to the manufacturers’ name to link to its website)

Brinicombe Think Range | Equifirst | Equilage Haylage | Equilife Formula 4 Feet | Equine America | Farriers Formula | Gro-Well | Havens Slobbermash | Hubblicks | Keyflow Equine | Protexin supplements | Pure Feeds | Red Cell Supplements | Stance Copra Meal

Animal Feeds

Horse Bedding
including the following:

Bedmax & Littlemax | Natural Flake Shavings & Sawdust | Aubiose | Easibed | Aquamax | Megasorb | Nedzbed | Rapestraw bedding | Newbridge Straw bedding | Miscanthus bedding | Flax Bedding and many more.

Straights, Fertiliser, Grass seed and more

We stock a comprehensive range of straight feeding stuffs such as rolled oats/barley, micronized cereals, sugar beet pellets, a range of salt products and many more straight feeds. We also stock paddock fertilisers, grass seed, rubber stable mats and other things equine. If you can’t see what you are looking for then do please give us a call on 01285 770387.